Any building has a useful life which is longer or shorter , the difference being made by the way was built, the quality of maintenance, repairs and equipment fitted inside, by the climate action, pollution level, fire resistance, flood protection, insurance or factors like earth movements.

Assessing the building is one of the most important methods to drive down all the costs associated with the above factors,  a complete and comprehensive assessment being a valuable tool of cost leveling and mitigation. Our service covers the following :

  • Building envelope assessment: exterior : walls, windows, doors, roof, grade assessment, orientation, water infiltration, base condition.
  • Weatherization assessments - capacity of a building to withstand the climate changes: insulation, ventilation, air tightness.
  • Mechanical Systems: efficiency, estimated EOL (end-of-life), operational safety.
  • Energy usage : complete calculation and modeling of energy consumption.
  • Building Safety Condition & ADA Assessments. Fire protection, Flood protection, Security Systems, Plumbing.
  • Smart Home / Smart Building evaluation