Airgnosis runs a complete Audit for Energy Efficiency

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  • Duration: 03:00 Hours
  • Address: Chicago Metropolitan Area, USA (Map)


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 The AUDIT typically that includes : 

- Identification of type of insulation in walls, ceiling, attic, floor.Type of windows. Calculation of R-value, U-value

- Building tightness: Blower Door test to determine how tight is the building's envelope, the air exchange per hour (ACH). The report includes how much insulation is needed, where has to be installed and what is the return-on-investment.

- Electricity usage: baseload, peak consumption, average usage. Complete report about benchmark of energy consumption and top 3 measures to reduce the electricity consumption.

- Lighting evaluation: complete luminosity testing, light sources check. Complete report about lighting needs and top 3 measures to make the lighting more efficient.

- Mechanical systems (Furnace or heating devices, water heater, A/C) complete testing: combustion quality, functional parameters. Complete report about mechanical systems and top 3 measures to lower the primary energy

- Appliances evaluation from the age/energy consumption perspective.

- Water usage and complete water usage evaluation.

- Manual J calculation: Report about the real need for heating and cooling, often times the mechanical systems are way oversized. Reduction of size may improve substantially the energy usage, the return-on-investment being the main financing source for new systems.

-Ventilation systems testing and evaluation: Complete report about ventilation requirements according to ASHRAE 62.2

- Ductwork*  and air filters verification and testing. The report includes the ducts tightness, insulation and status. 

- Moisture detection and measurement.

* For houses heated and cooled with forced air systems