Air Quality Audit is an essential step to improve the health of entire family.

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  • Duration: 03:45 Hours
  • Address: Chicago Metropolitan Area, USA (Map)


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Air Quality Audit is a complete process that involves multiple tests and measurements. A brief list includes :

  • Particulate measurement PM2.5 and PM10 - the sizes of these particles are responsible for more than 70% of infections of lungs. Most of the bacterias, allergens and toxic impurities have the size between 2.5 and 10 microns,  being invisible for the naked eye.
  • Dangerous gases detection : CO; CO2; NOx; H2S
  • Formaldehyde detection - usually in new furniture, in some rugs of other objects may damage nervous system
  • Detection of mold spores and the concentration / cubic foot
  • Moisture measurement. Moisture is the perfect environment for mold and mildew, therefore need to be determined the excess areas or the areas in need for more moisture.
  • Ventilation: complete measurement of ACH (air changes per hour), building tightness, mechanical ventilation systems, flow measurement. Detection of potential issues or defects in the ventilation system.
  • Air Balancing calculation.